Living in Hotels Permanently

Gabicce Mare. Spiaggia sotto i Giardini Unità d'italiaCan you permanently live in a hotel? It’s certainly possible, and many people have done it. I lived in an apartment-style hotel for nearly a year in Memphis. One woman lived in a Marriott in a suburb of Washington for over 10 years. Many celebrities have also lived in hotels, with some staying for decades.


Hotels have the advantages that you have all of your household bills, like rent, utilities, telephone, cable tv, and sometimes, internet service, paid for in one payment. Hotels often have swimming pools and fitness centers available, so that means not having to pay for a separate gym membership. There isn’t the hassle of dealing with property taxes or homeowner’s insurance. You also don’t have to worry about fixing maintenance problems or cutting grass, and there’s a cleaning service.


There’s also the option to live in a centralized area so that you don’t need to have all of the headaches and expenses of a car if you don’t want to. It’s much easier to find hotels which are in walkable areas or near public transportation than apartments. Hotel rooms are also often easier to find in crowded downtown areas than apartments.

Hotel Seeterrasse, Langenargen - panoramioHotel costs can sometimes be reduced through special rates for long-term guests. Loyalty programs can also earn you free nights, which can add up for somebody who lives in hotels all or most of the time.

If you want to move to another city or even another country, living in hotels offers a lot more flexibility than owning or renting a property. A house can take years to sell, and you usually have to wait until the lease expires in order to move out of a rental property.

Living in hotels also has its disadvantages. Depending on how much stuff you have, you might have to get rid of a lot of things or put them into storage. If you’re moving between hotels a lot, there’s the problem of not having a permanent address. However, virtual mail services can solve this problem. You might also be able to use the address of a friend or relative.

For somebody who’s looking for a simpler way of life, moving into a hotel might be worth considering.


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  1. It’s funny you write this article. I never imagined living in a hotel myself, but I am living in one currently. It’s not your typical hotel – it’s a hotel apartment, but like you mentioned, it has it’s perks. 

    No ulility bills, no need to worry about cables or any wear and tear. Just need to pay monthly and that’s about it. I’ve rented it out for a year so I do have a contract. And surprisingly it’s not that expensive – in fact I feel it’s cheaper than living in an apartment of your own where you have a lot of responsibilities. I think perhaps in the future, this might be more a ‘thing’ that people are used to!

  2. I have never even considered living in a hotel permanently but after reading your article i can see where it could be advantageous for the right person in the right situation. I personally love going to hotels. My wife does not fly so all of our trips are taken by car. My favorite part of planning these trips is finding the right hotels we will be staying at on our journey. As you mentioned many hotels offer great amenities that do make your stay more enjoyable. There are certain criteria i look for when looking for a hotel. They must have an indoor pool, onsite bar and restaurant and a fitness room. Free breakfast is also an added bonus. Anyway thank you for a good interesting read.


  3. Interesting. I never really thought about living in a hotel for any extended period of time. Since I have become more detached from material possessions (I could be a monk!) I guess it wouldn’t be that hard after you adjust. Those loyalty programmes and possible free nights sound very intriguing (it’s not like you can stay in a house for free!)

    I think that it would be an interesting experiment to see hoe long they would tolerate you fro (provide you behave responsibly of course) It may even be a good idea for a business model. A long term hotel where you can stay as long as you want (maybe its already a thing?)

  4. I have stayed in hotel for 6 months during one of my business trip. At that time, the company I’m working with said that it was cheaper and more convenience living in hotel.

    It’s true that if you do not have many stuff, living in hotel permanently has many advantages. Flexibility is one of the advantages for living in hotel permanently. Some people like the idea that no household bills to worry about. You can choose a hotel that is convenience for you and within your budget. You can enjoy many facilities in the hotel like swimming pools, gym, sport facilities etc

    It’s not bad living in hotels permanently 🙂

  5. Hey I would love to live in a hotel permanently. It would be my number one dream. Living with a buffet restaurant at ground floor with a large swimming pool to hang out everyday. That is the best thing I can have for my life. But money is my concern. I wonder how do I get the financial way to achieve this lifestyle.

  6. I remember years ago when I was 17, I wanted to move out of my parents house, so I went to a hotel to find out how much it would cost to stay there for a month.  They gave me some crazy amount, mostly because they probably didn’t want a 17 year old living in their hotel lol

    I think it would be a great idea, especially if you are moving somewhere unfamily or out of country and you want to look at rentals in person first.

    Are the costs of living in a hotel far off from a rental, or is it in comparison?  I always thought you would have to be pretty rich to stay in one.

    1. It depends on the hotel. At a hotel which is designed for longer-term stays, the costs are often around the same or a bit more expensive than a rental would be. InTown Suites has rates that are about the same as an apartment would cost.

  7. Personally I would like to leave in hotel because I think that it would be better for me and my family. When you have a big family it is hard to live in community because every person is different. I can not afford it right now but definitely will. Living in a hotel has very its benefits and it is worth it.

  8. A novel idea to live permanently in a hotel. Doesn’t the cost outweigh the advantages. I personally have never given the idea a though as when I take holidays in hotels the cost is much greater than it would be if I were to stay at home.

    A well laid out post giving a lot of detail, although it is well out of my price range.


  9. That is an interesting point of view. I’ve never lived in a hotel myself and never really though about. 

    I’ve always thought that it would be more expensive in the long run but maybe it can end up being affordable if you make a deal with the hotel owner.

    I don’t know, I don’t really thing that would be something I would be interested in, something about hotels makes it too impersonal. Besides I really love having a kitchen that I can go to at any time.

    1. Some long-term hotel rooms come with kitchens. The one I stayed at had a kitchenette where the only thing that was missing was an oven. I bought a little toaster oven, and it was no different than having a full-sized one.

  10. There is a huge difference between owning a house and staying in a hotel apartment.Yes Hotel does have all the perks that you have mentioned in this blog and if you can get rid of all these boring stuff then it is really reduce most of the stress and save time but owning a home is very special because you can modify it or customise it according to your need and choice and a house is not just a house it is part of your life and the memories that you have with your parents or children. I would never stay in a hotel forever.

  11. I’m not sure how I would like living in a hotel, but you’re right that there can be a lot of perks if you are in a stage of life where you aren’t tied down. That could be quite the adventure! I have two small kids and find I really need some roots. I know some people might love hotel living with kids, though–I just know that I would really need my own bedroom and a full kitchen to survive, lol!

  12. Hi There,

    Many years ago when I just started working, I had actually looked into whether living in a hotel was more feasible instead of just renting an apartment or a house.

    Storage had always been a concern for me because I had a lot of things & storage facilities were fairly pricey.

    Maybe the idea of living in a hotel is something my wife and I will explore sometime in the future.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting post. I wish you all the best 🙂


  13. This is an intriguing article.  I am used to live in a hotel for a few days in a row as my regular job brings me away from my home regularly. However, I never thought of living in one permanently.  

    I know that there are the longer term hotels that would suit such an endeavour.  Premiere Suites come to mind right now with all the amenities they provide along with a separate bedroom, kitchen and living room, but I couldn’t see myself living in a regular one bedroom, one bed hotel room with just a TV, a dresser and a desk. 

    And the cost of a regular hotel would not be financially advantageous.

    Although, I could see a lot of advantages too.  I guess, when the financial part is not an issue, it’s a matter of choice and convenience.  It is a very good short term solution and I think that if you have the means to do it, then it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your needs.  Do you agree?

  14. What an interesting article. I imagine that its not something that people would generally consider as they probably think it would be far too expensive an option to permanently live in a Hotel. That was my first thought upon reading your post. But as you’ve explained that you may get fairer rates for long term stays it could well be a worthwhile option to look at for some people. For me personally I like my home comforts a little too much and enjoy the sense of community where I live so its probably not an option for me. 

    I really enjoyed reading this article and I can see how living in a hotel permanently might suit some people and I found this whole topic quite thought provoking and well explained.

    Thanks Emma

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