A Review of the Marina del Rey Marriott



If you’re considering a stay at the Marina del Rey Marriott, but you’re not quite certain if it would be a good choice for you, this video from Yellow Productions might help you decide.

It features a tour of the hotel that contains both one of the king rooms as well as the common areas. The tour of the room shows the views from the balcony and tells what else the room has to offer.


In the common areas, you can see whether or not you would enjoy things like the hotel’s fitness center and its swimming pool.






This review also shows the surrounding areas of the Marina del Rey Marriott. You can see the small beach that’s just across the street from the hotel. There are also a number of nearby dining options mentioned.


If you’d like to know more about the Marina del Rey Marriott as well as many other hotels in and around Los Angeles that offer rooms with a balcony, you only need to click here.




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