Living in Hotels Permanently

Gabicce Mare. Spiaggia sotto i Giardini Unità d'italiaCan you permanently live in a hotel? It’s certainly possible, and many people have done it. I lived in an apartment-style hotel for nearly a year in Memphis. One woman lived in a Marriott in a suburb of Washington for over 10 years. Many celebrities have also lived in hotels, with some staying for decades.


Hotels have the advantages that you have all of your household bills, like rent, utilities, telephone, cable tv, and sometimes, internet service, paid for in one payment. Hotels often have swimming pools and fitness centers available, so that means not having to pay for a separate gym membership. There isn’t the hassle of dealing with property taxes or homeowner’s insurance. You also don’t have to worry about fixing maintenance problems or cutting grass, and there’s a cleaning service.


There’s also the option to live in a centralized area so that you don’t need to have all of the headaches and expenses of a car if you don’t want to. It’s much easier to find hotels which are in walkable areas or near public transportation than apartments. Hotel rooms are also often easier to find in crowded downtown areas than apartments.

Hotel Seeterrasse, Langenargen - panoramioHotel costs can sometimes be reduced through special rates for long-term guests. Loyalty programs can also earn you free nights, which can add up for somebody who lives in hotels all or most of the time.

If you want to move to another city or even another country, living in hotels offers a lot more flexibility than owning or renting a property. A house can take years to sell, and you usually have to wait until the lease expires in order to move out of a rental property.

Living in hotels also has its disadvantages. Depending on how much stuff you have, you might have to get rid of a lot of things or put them into storage. If you’re moving between hotels a lot, there’s the problem of not having a permanent address. However, virtual mail services can solve this problem. You might also be able to use the address of a friend or relative.

For somebody who’s looking for a simpler way of life, moving into a hotel might be worth considering.